2021 Teen Cover Competition

Competition Winners

Congratulations to our finalists and winner of the 2021 Teen Cover Song Competition!

Valeria Itsko
Varunavi Moluga

Anaya Tadepalli
Brycen Nelson
Grace Jacob
Kirthana Golla
Lauren Kim
Mridula Bharathi
Mrunal Kulkarni
Sruthi Sanju

Sydney Xie

Diya Chutani

Submit a video of your rendition of any song/piece. Will be judged on overall musicianship, showmanship, and creativity.

For this competition, cover refers to reinterpretation of an existing song/piece. This might take the form of creating an acoustic version/changing the instrument, a different arrangement, changing lyrics, or coming up with an entirely new melody.

-For NFSM students ages 13-19
-Explicit language or content is not allowed and will be disqualified.
-Backing tracks/accompanist is acceptable
(please note that this competition is judging the student, not the accompanist. This means that we are looking for the creativity part to come from the student. In other words, if a voice student uses another person to play the piano accompaniment, and the accompaniment was changed to make it your own cover, but the students part is identical to the original song, the student will be judged poorly. We want to see the creativity of the student! Also note that if the accompaniment performs poorly, the performance as a whole will be poorly judged)
-Time limit of 5:00 min
-Submission Period Opens April 1st
-Deadline to submit is April 30th

TOP PRIZE – $100 Visa Gift Card & 1st Place Trophy
RUNNER UP – $75 Visa Gift Card & 2nd Place Trophy
Medals awarded to finalists (Top 10)

To submit, please fill out the below registration form and using WeTransfer.com, send the 1)registration form, 2)music/lyric sheet, and 3)your video to nfsmcompetitions@gmail.com

WeTransfer Instructions
Teen Cover Competition Registration Form