2021 Original Song Competition

Submit a video performance of your own original song. Will be judged on overall musicianship, showmanship, creativity, songwriting, and structure.

TOP PRIZE – $200 Visa Gift Card & 1st Place Award / 2 Hours Artist Development or Recording
RUNNER UP – $100 Visa Gift Card & 2nd Place Award / 1 Hour Artist Development or Recording
Awards for Top 10 Finalists

-For NFSM students of all ages!
-Explicit language or content is not allowed and will be disqualified.
-No Backing tracks unless originally produced. Accompanist/band musicians allowed.
-Cannot use existing music or lyrics (of another song), must be your own original
-Time limit of 4:00 min
-Deadline to submit is July 31st

How to Submit:
1. Go to WeTransfer.com
2. Upload your video file
3. Email To: nfsmcompetitions@gmail.com
4. In the message field, enter the student’s name, age, title of song, and name of their music teacher
NOTE: Be sure to enter a valid email address for yourself in order to receive and use the PIN code for the transfer. You will also receive a confirmation email upon successful delivery.
HINT: Forward your confirmation email to your teacher as a backup

Deadline to submit is Saturday July 31st!