Summer Music Course

Join our Summer Music Course happening this Summer – June 2018!

The Summer Music Course is designed to teach a well-rounded course covering various topics in music from instruments to songwriting and recording. Each 1 hour class is taught by a professional in the industry.

Hurry! 15 Spots Available, early bird discount through April 30th! $265 normal, $240 with discount! (Only $20/class!)

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Week 1 – Intro to Music / Piano & Voice

6/5 Class 1: Intro to Music – Sadi Rahman

In the first class we will overview the world of music. We will discuss music history and music appreciation as well as careers within the music industry.

6/6 Class 2: Intro to Piano – Caleb Houck

We will go over how the piano came to be as well as how a piano works. We will also cover famous pianists through out time and listen to the piano applied to various genres of music from classical to jazz to contemporary.

6/7 Class 3: Intro to Voice – Lynn Donald

We will discuss basic vocal techniques and breath control, head voice vs chest voice, and proper singing habits to not damage your vocal chords. We will listen to different vocal techniques applied by famous vocalists.


Week 2 – Intro to Instruments


6/12 Class 4: Intro to Strings – Cindy Rennick

We will discuss some history on strings instruments and learn about the different instruments in the strings family including violin, viola, and cello.

6/13 Class 5: Intro to Guitar/Bass/Drums – Chris Brooker

We will discuss these major band instruments and usage in contemporary music like pop and rock.

6/14 Class 6: Intro to Woodwinds – Zac Evans

We will discuss woodwind instruments like saxophone, clarinet, and flute.


Week 3 Intro to Theory and Live Performance


6/19 Class 7: Intro to Music Theory – John Clark

We will discuss music theory and its significance to learning music.

6/20 Class 8: Intro to Live Sound – Sadi Rahman

We will learn about different microphones, music cables, stage setup, PA gear, and soundboards/mixers.

6/21 Class 9: Intro to Stage Performance – Gail Grier

We will learn about proper stage etiquette and how to perform. We will also cover proper mic use.


Week 4 – Intro to Studio


6/26 Class 10: Intro to Voice Over – Elizabeth Hobbs

We will discuss the voice over industry and voice over tips and techniques.

6/27 Class 11: Intro to Songwriting – Courtney Rinehart

We will run a songwriting workshop to show you how to write and organize your original music and how to put your emotions into lyrics.

6/28 Class 12: Intro to Recording/Mixing – Chris Brooker

We will learn about how to run a recording session from start to finish and give a brief inside look into mixing recording projects.