NFSM Music Assessments

Music Assessments – General Information
The NFSM Music Assessments is our in-house music proficiency performance exam which is designed to help students mark progress, set goals, and receive constructive feedback to help their growth as developing musicians. It also allows a 3rd party to give valuable feedback to the students’ instructors so that they can pinpoint problem areas that may have gone overlooked with the week-to-week lessons.

Music Assessment Preparation and Awards
Teachers help students select the two pieces they are to perform in front of a judge and work on these pieces during lessons. Pieces must be memorized and students must submit the music score (or lyric sheet for vocalists, preferred with chords marked) to the judge for review as they perform. The performances are in one-on-one settings. Students scoring an Excellent Rating (80-89) receive a Medal of Excellence while students scoring a Superior Rating (90-100) are awarded a Superior Trophy. Every third consecutive superior score receives a 3rd Year Superior Trophy (this trophy is awarded for consecutive superiors every 3rd, 6th, and 9th years, and resets if a student does not earn Superior rating or skips a year). There is a $15 fee per student ($10 for additional siblings on same account) to cover judge fees.

SUBMISSION PERIOD: May 23rd – May 31st

Please note if you have not picked up your trophy from last year’s assessments, please contact the office to schedule a time to pick up.

Checklist for Submission:

[ ] Music Sheet for Piece 1
[ ] Video File for Piece 1
[ ] Music Sheet for Piece 2
[ ] Video File For Piece 2
[ ] Input Information in Message Field of Submission:
Student Name, Teacher Name, Level,
Piece 1 Title-Composer-Instrument, Piece 2 Title-Composer-Instrument

Using send to

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