Preschool Lessons

North Fulton School of Music is one of the few and first private music schools in Georgia who offer a Preschool program.

Every student performs better when they know what is expected of them. This is especially true of preschool aged children. Our preschool program offers one-on-one sessions that introduce your preschooler to music in engaging, yet structured, half-hour lessons. Youngsters learn that music is meant to be fun while developing the basic skills required to appreciate and play many different types of music.

Through our preschool lessons for kids, your child will:

– Learn the fundamentals of music
– Develop an increased ability to grasp abstract concepts
– Develop an increased attention span
– Prepare for and perform at a recital in front of a live audience

If your child is interested in music, has basic command of counting, colors and the alphabet, and is at least 4 years old, now is the time to start them on their musical journey. Please check out our teacher bios or give us a call today at 770-753-0322 to find a good match for starting your child off on the right note!