Artist Development Lessons

The Artist Development program takes music lessons to another level.

North Fulton School of Music offers specialized lessons for those students who are looking for help in becoming performing artists. The Artist Development program utilizes recording studio tools to help the student develop their music.

Some of our advanced students are interested in becoming performing and recording artists on a professional level. To help these students take the next step, North Fulton School of Music offers Artist Development lessons.

In this program, North Fulton School of Music instructors trained in the complete studio toolset help the students with songwriting, composition, arranging and production. The student gains valuable experience using professional studio gear, performing out in the real world, and receives production help in creating their own musical product.

30 minutes weekly – $160/mo
60 minutes every other week – $160/mo
45 minutes weekly – $240/mo
60 minutes weekly – $320/mo

Meet The Teachers

Courtney Rinehart

Courtney teaches piano, voice, guitar, flute, and songwriting at North Fulton School of Music Alpharetta and Atlanta. Courtney is proficient with recording studio tools and coaches students in the NFSM Artist Development program. Courtney runs Open Mic events and Songwriting courses at the North Fulton School of Music. She has studied jazz and classical piano, as well as music theory at The University of Michigan, and The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. She also studied Music Therapy at Wayne State University, where she received her BA. Courtney has played in several bands as well as a solo artist, allowing her to tour and perform throughout the U.S., Europe, Central America, W. Africa, and the Caribbean. Currently she produces artists with her company C-Note Productions, and works with Multi-Platinum producer George ‘Luney Tunez’ Jackson.

Heber Pampillon

Heber teaches guitar, bass, percussion, and piano at North Fulton School of Music Alpharetta. Heber is the Director of Artist Development and partner of Highway 9 Records. Heber studied Classical Guitar at Morris County College. He has also studied with Carl Botti, David Gibler, Jack Taylor and John Macey. Since he has toured and recorded with various bands and artist from 1986- 2002. He has also produced, managed and developed bands and continues to do so with the advent of Highway 9 Records. In 1988, he was named hottest new guitar player in the Tri-state area. He has worked with several organizations including The Guitar Experience and Arpeggios Music Academy. He enjoys developing and implementing specific lesson plans for the more challenged students.