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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to call our office at 770-753-0322 or email us at info@northfultonmusic.com

North Fulton School of Music charges a one-time registration fee of $30 upon enrollment. Lesson pricing is based on the length of the lessons. North Fulton School of Music charges $150 for 30 minute lessons once a week, $220 for 45 minute lessons once a week, and $290 for 60 minute lessons once a week. Lessons are billed every 4 lessons
Yes. Our price breaks are already factored in for the 45 and 60-min contracts. In general, we discount each additional 30-min contract by $10/mo. For example, a 60-min contract is $290/mo for one student. While two students under one account are $150 for first contract, and $140 for second, totalling $290/mo.
North Fulton School of Music also offers referral incentives to clients. For every family that a client refers, North Fulton School of Music will deduct $25 off the following month’s tuition. If a client refers 6 new students within ny consecutive 12-months, NFSM will award a year of 30-minute weekly lessons for free!
North Fulton School of Music offers 1 free trial lesson (30-minutes) to any new enrollment to try a teacher and our school. The trial lesson is a no-obligation, no-cost way of finding out if your student is ready for lessons. Give us a call to setup a free trial lesson in any of our three schools (Alpharetta, Brookhaven, and Grant Park).
Lesson fees are due on the date of your first lesson and cover 4 lessons. After that, you are billed after every 4 lessons, on the date of your “5th” lesson. Feel free to contact the office for information on when your tuition is due.
If the student has financial issues and needs to postpone a payment, please contact the office.
If a student is over one-month late in payment, they will be dropped from enrollment and may lose their time slot. The student will still have an owed balance and must bring the account current or risk the balance being sent to an external collections agency.
Because North Fulton School of Music teaches students all major instruments for all ages and levels, each private lesson curriculum is different. The private lessons are tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual student. The majority of North Fulton School of Music private lessons teach students how to play the instrument but also various techniques, sight-reading, music theory, and playing by ear.
No. North Fulton School of Music instructors use various method books depending on the individual student. Instructors will recommend books for students to purchase through external vendors both locally and online.
North Fulton School of Music does not provide instruments. You can always get recommendations from our office staff or one of our music teachers on where to purchase or rent an instrument. For beginner piano students, we recommend buying a keyboard from a department store. For more intermediate and advanced students, we recommend full keyboards with 88-keys that are “weighted” keys. For pianos, Cooper Music has been helping North Fulton School of Music and our students with acoustic and digital pianos (purchase and rentals) for many years. For more information please call them at 404-329-1663 or go online www.cooperpiano.com.
Many music schools do not offer makeups for missed sessions. We do as a courtesy to help the student. To receive an excused absence and be eligible for a makeup lesson, student must give notice directly to their teacher by 4:00pm the day before the lesson. For example, Tuesday students must give notice by 4:00pm Monday before the lesson. Student will have 8 weeks to complete their makeup before it expires. Students should check with their instructor each week for openings. Virtual lessons are also an option available to students for convenience.
There is no makeup of a makeup. No credits or refunds will be given for missed sessions; students missing sessions frequently will be dropped from enrollment from North Fulton School of Music. Teachers missing sessions are required to provide a substitute approved by North Fulton School of Music or give the students notice for a makeup. If they fail to do so, then a refund will be given to the student. Any teacher continually missing sessions will not work at North Fulton School of Music. To make progress, consistent attendance is very important.
We require a 30-day written notice emailed to info@northfultonschoolofmusic.com for discontinuing enrollment – this is customary and usually required by most music schools and stores. We will prorate your final payment to only include lessons within the 30-day notice period.
We cannot hold spots for students discontinuing lessons even if only for a month. We suggest that if you have an instructor and session time and day that you need to keep, that you do not quit and simply give notice for those missed lessons to be made up (unless you need more than 8 weeks off).
We understand that personal situations may require this, however we cannot hold spots. If you re-enroll within 6-months of suspension, we will waive the registration fee upon re-enrollment.
We establish a calendar at the end of each year for the following year that details all of our holiday closings. Holiday closings are not billed and therefore not eligible for a makeup.
North Fulton School of Music offers various performance opportunities throughout the year. North Fulton School of Music offers an annual music recital, music assessments/testing, various community events, National Anthem performances at major sports games, North Fulton School of Music-sponsored Open Mic events, Christmas Caroling events, and many more. Please see our performance page for upcoming event dates and information.
The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is a globally-recognized music organization that administers examinations to music students of all ages and levels. The ABRSM exam helps students mark progress as well as set goals to reach. ABRSM offers both Theory Examinations and Practical Examinations bi-annually. ABRSM is not affiliated with North Fulton School of Music. North Fulton School of Music applies on behalf of our students. Fees collected for ABRSM exams are transferred to ABRSM for exam dues. Please visit www.abrsm.org for more information on the ABRSM exams. Please see our performance page to learn about North Fulton School of Music deadlines for ABRSM enrollment. To sign-up for the ABRSM exams, please speak directly with your North Fulton School of Music instructor or contact the office.
North Fulton School of Music can definitely help. We do have recording studio capability as well as a sound-treated live room for recording vocalists and instrumentalists (outside of drums). We can help students with creating CDs/Tracks for auditions, personal keep-sakes, and gifts.

More questions?

If you’ve got a question, feel free to give us a ring at 770-753-0322 or shoot us an email at info@northfultonmusic.com and we’d be happy to help!