About North Fulton School of Music

We at North Fulton School of Music, formerly known as Peggy Still School of Music, have been involved in the music lessons business in metro Atlanta since 1988. Our school was founded by Peggy Still Johnson in 1988, incorporated in 1994, and has grown to an enrollment of over 500 students and 30 degreed instructors. Some of the finest musicians in the Southeast have taught at our school. We are proud of the many accomplishments of our staff and students. Many of our students have won college scholarships, talent contests, auditions, lead roles in plays, television contracts, recording contracts, and have become professional musicians and/or serious music hobbyists.

Our school has over 30 instructors on staff teaching in both our Alpharetta and Atlanta locations. Our instructors are classically trained pianists that specialize in various instruments and styles with years of not only teaching experience but also performance experience. Our instructors customize each lesson to suit the needs of the individual student.

We are committed to providing music education to greater Alpharetta and greater Atlanta through not only traditional teaching and customized lessons taught by professional instructors but also through providing performance opportunities for our students and serving our community.

Owner Executive Director

Sadi Rahman is the Owner and Executive Director of North Fulton School of Music and Grant Park Music.

Originally from Manhattan, Sadi earned his BA in Psychology from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Sadi has always had an interest in and an ear for music stemming back from elementary school when he played the viola. While away at college he picked up the guitar and was introduced to recording and audio engineering.

During his undergraduate years, Sadi worked with multi-platinum audio engineer, Steve Fisher, at 11th Street Studios where he gained first hand experience of the recording side of the music industry through working with some of the top names on Billboard.

In the fall of 2007, Sadi began working with Peggy Still Johnson at the Peggy Still School of Music. Under Peggy Johnson’s mentorship, he gained valuable business experience as well as further insight into the music industry, specifically music education. Sadi has worked with the Peggy Johnson Foundation for the Performing Arts and the Dallas Austin Foundation to promote audio engineering and music lessons in inner city schools. He had the pleasure of working on the management teams of various talents including Ms. Georgia 2010, Lalona Richards and rising Latin pop-star, Cristina Quinones through Peggy Johnson Productions and Talent.

As Director of Operations of Peggy Still School of Music, Sadi grew the school from a single location of 300 students to three locations with over 600 students, breaking record enrollment numbers for the 20 year old business in three years. After the successful sale of Peggy Still School of Music to Brian Johnson in 2011, the school was rebranded as North Fulton School of Music.

Sadi helped Brian transition the school from a recitals and lessons business to one that invested in fostering creativity, artist development and community. With this transition, the music school opened a new recording studio in 2012, Lucky Dog Studios. Sadi worked with Lucky Dog Studios as the studio manager and audio engineer mixing countless student and local talent EPs and full-length albums under the tutelage of Avid instructor and audio engineer, Joe Kay. Sadi assisted Brian Johnson in opening an independent record label in 2013, Highway 9 Records, which signed internationally touring and award-winning rock band, Kickin Valentina in addition to other local bands and artists.

In 2014 Sadi was selected to serve as regional chairman of the Atlanta 1 Division of the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC). In August of 2016, Sadi successfully purchased North Fulton School of Music from Brian Johnson and is currently serving as the Executive Director for the school. In the fall of 2018, Sadi opened Grant Park Music, the newest branch of North Fulton School of Music in hopes of spreading the magic that music is, all throughout the city of Atlanta.