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COVID Opening Update

Sadi Rahman April 27, 2020
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Music School Opening: Tentatively June 1st

Hello Students and Parents,

Thank you for your patience and loyalty through this difficult time. I appreciate each and every one of our students and their families for continuing with us. I’ve gotten excellent feedback from our teachers on the online lessons and I’m happy that students are able to continue learning music through new mediums.

As most of you know, Georgia has started re-opening businesses for the general public. Although we are anxious and eager to get back to our normal swing of things with in-person lessons, we have made a decision to hold off on a full school-wide opening tentatively until June 1st.

This decision did not come lightly but we believe the safety of our clients and staff should be our first priority. With hundreds of students walking into our schools weekly, social distancing will be a major obstacle. Of course, public interaction is limited with the one-on-one teaching we do, we feel it better to be on the safe side. Optimally, we would like to see the number of daily new cases drop steadily before we re-open fully. In addition, should Georgia request businesses to close again, we don’t want to put everyone through the inconvenience of converting back to in-person to only convert right back to online lessons in such a short period of time.

Once we open, hopefully by June 1st, we will have the following protocols in place as long as necessary:

  • Provided no delays in our orders, we will have protective masks for our staff to use while teaching for the first few weeks we conduct in-person lessons. This will help prevent airborne transmission in close quarters. Unfortunately, due to the scarcity in PPE, we will only have enough in stock for our teachers, and only then for a couple of weeks.
  • We will continue to sanitize hard surfaces, piano keys, door knobs, faucets, and other touched surfaces before and after lessons as well as throughout the day.
  • We have air scrubbers running to sanitize the air.
  • We require all students to wash their hands before their lesson. In addition, hand sanitizers will be available for use as long as in stock.
  • We ask everyone to help out by only entering the school when necessary, i.e. during your own lesson. Parents of students are asked to drop off and wait outside or in their cars during the lesson. The office will continue to be open but we prefer correspondence over email to help us manage our day-to-day duties.
  • Anyone who has had any symptoms relating to the virus or who has been in contact with anyone that has, we are asking these individuals to wait at least 14 days after their last contact or symptom to return to in-person lessons. Online lessons will continue to be available as an option.
  • A school-wide email will go out the last week of May, confirming the June 1st opening or delay if any. It will also be noted on our website’s homepage. Those students that wish to stay with online lessons a bit longer may choose to do so for the time-being. For students wishing to convert fully to online lessons, please see the office to discuss long-term teacher options.

    I look forward to seeing everyone again at our schools in a few weeks. Until then, be safe, be healthy, and continue practicing!

    Sadi Rahman
    Owner | Executive Director
    North Fulton School of Music
    Grant Park Music