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Why Take Guitar Lessons?

admin January 9, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , ,
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With the invention of the Internet, guitar lessons have become less and less popular. We hear more and more stories about people who just taught themselves how to play the guitar by watching a couple of YouTube videos on the subject matter. This is especially true for guitar.

So why take guitar lessons?

The intimacy-
having a guitar teacher to teach you guitar is so much more beneficial than just trying to copy what you see in a video online somewhere. A guitar teacher will point out all your mistakes right then and there which is necessary for growth in any sort of instrument, not just the guitar. Plus, having that bond with someone who understands your goals as a guitarist and is putting in an effort to help you reach them is great and is something that can’t be gained from an online article.
Timing- Taking guitar lessons will allow you to reach your goals as a guitarist at a much faster rate than from teaching yourself through online resources. Many people who decide to learn how the play the guitar, but not through private lessons, can’t because they don’t allocate any time in their schedule to do so. This is because they are too caught up in daily life activities. If you decide to take private guitar lessons, you will be on a schedule and be assigned work by your teacher so learning is inevitable.
If you are looking for guitar lessons to help you reach your full potential as a guitarist, than look no further. The North Fulton School of Music teaches guitar lessons in Alpharetta, GA. Guitar lessons are also taught in Atlanta, Milton, and Roswell. Sign up today!
By Vinh Bui, North Fulton School of Music Intern (2014)

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