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Music and Genetics

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This is the classic debate of nature versus nurture. Are our musical traits found in our DNA? We all know that music is universal and doesn’t take any requirement but only from the satisfaction of listening, enjoying, and understanding. A study from the University of Helsinki Department of Medical Genetics has shown that infants are naturally interested in music from their musical receptive skills in early ages. This only implies that infants process musical patterns just as quickly as adults.

Culture also shows a huge significance on one’s musical background. Your parents might not have any musical talent but in today’s melting pot of cultures, it shows all kinds of musical traits are in family backgrounds. Taking simple piano lessons or voice lessons at a young age can extend a child’s perception and overall listening skills at school and other daily responsibilities. “Identification of molecules associated with music perception, listening and performing will likely reveal new mechanisms of brain function (Biomedicum Helsinki).” Having a music background or not, one should test their musical aptitude and even given proper music lessons (this could be anything from piano lessons to voice lessons or even guitar lessons) to enhance brain mechanisms underlying perception.
So the answer here is just as complicated as the question. We do receive satisfaction from music from birth; however, not even the most famous of musical prodigies have skills from birth. Some may be more predisposed to excelling, but all would have to take lessons. Use Mozart as an example. Even Mozart took piano lessons and studied hours on end. His father made sure of it! Piano lessons are a great start to learning music. Many students go on to other instrumental lessons like voice lessons or guitar lessons after they have learned the basics from piano lessons.

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