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3 Steps to Become a Better Violinist

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It is the common belief that it takes about five years of intense study to become a great violinist. The violin has become an intimidating instrument to take up because of how much dedication the instrument requires. However, here are a few tips that could get you to your goal of becoming that violinist you’ve always dreamed of becoming at a much faster rate.

1. Practice
It’s a little cliché, but practice makes perfect. This is especially true for the violin. The violin requires a great deal of skill and hand-eye coordination, so if you’re not touching up on that ability very often, it may be difficult to initiate any progress.
2. Get Inspiration
The process of learning a new instrument can be very tiring, at times people may feel as if they’re going nowhere and quit. Get inspiration to help motivate you to become the best violin player you can be. This can be through YouTube videos of famous violinists, going to see local orchestra performances, or watching masters play live.
3. Take violin lessons
Many people are too occupied with other activities to fully commit to learning the violin. Violin lessons are a great way to force you to practice; lessons provide other benefits as well. Having someone carefully examine your violin technique is crucial to the growth of any violinist, and a violin teacher would also provide their own personal tips on playing the violin. This would drastically increase your progress in becoming a great violinist.

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