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Why Take Piano Lessons?

admin December 8, 2015 Tags: , , , , , , ,
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We get asked a lot, why take piano lessons?
Depending on the context of which this question is asked, we would have different answers. Here are a few general reasons why our Alpharetta students take piano lessons.

They have fun
– Music is about having fun and enjoyment. Piano lessons can provide you with the know-how of playing music. You can learn how to play through piano lessons, and soon be able to compose your own music!
It builds confidence – when we learn new skillsets – such as playing piano – it helps build our confidence once we have mastered it. Sure the road can be a long one but perseverance through the hard times will also help promote self-discipline. With self-discipline and confidence, the sky is the limit.
Improves IQ – Studies have shown that students who take piano lessons have better self-discipline than their peers who do not. Because of this, they generally do better in schools. Music is very much math based but it uses the creativity as well – few activities actually use both sides of the brain. Music is one of those.
They Love Music – Everyone loves music. We all may love different genres but music helps us relax, wake up, and have a good time. Listening to music can even take us back to past memories and good times! Taking piano lessons can help you enjoy music even more by allowing you to play all of your favorite songs!
If you are looking for piano lessons, you’ve found the right place! North Fulton School of Music teaches piano lessons in Alpharetta, GA. We also teach piano lessons in Atlanta, Milton, and Roswell.

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