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Breaking Down Your Singing Voice

admin December 22, 2014 Tags: , , , , , , ,
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Many people sing without realizing how their voice is actually functioning. To get a better grasp of your abilities as a singer,

you must understand the registers of the voice and know your limits. Taking voice lessons with a vocal coach is a great way to fully utilize your singing capacities.
Through voice lessons, teachers will help you expand a certain range of your voice and gain further control over your voice. Here are the basic vocal registers that you should be familiar with:
Chest Voice – The lower to middle part of your voice and typically the easiest range for you to sing in.
Middle Voice – The bridge between the chest and head voice.
Head Voice – falsetto would fall under this category, the highest register of your voice.
Utilizing all aspects of your voice is the key to becoming a great singer. This process is sped up rapidly through the use of vocal lessons.
The North Fulton School of Music teaches vocal lessons in Alpharetta, GA. Lessons are taught in Atlanta as well. Sign up today!

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