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Long Term Benefits of Music Lessons

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Sometimes taking music lessons can be grueling. Working at a music school based in the Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell area in Georgia and seeing the faces of frustrated students on a daily basis, I know its not just about attending the private lesson but about studying and understanding the theory and practicing the instrument. It doesn’t matter if the student is taking a voice lesson, piano lesson, or guitar lesson – it can and will get tough at times.

Both teachers and parents have to push their students beyond their brinks of frustration and in some cases boredom from the lack of progress in the lesson. So is all this frustration worth attending music lessons? Why learn the piano or guitar? Why learn how to sing?
The New York Times published an article based on a study done by neuroscientists at North Western University about the lasting effects of taking music lessons during childhood. The studies showed that “older adults who took lessons at a young age can process the sounds of speech faster than those who did not.” The study went on to say that the instrument did not matter. Whether the student was taking a guitar lesson, piano lesson, or voice lesson had no bearing on the result. Furthermore, the study found that some of these adults had as little as 4 years of music lessons.
So there you have it. By pushing our children through music lessons and providing them the support they need, we are positively impacting their future adult lives. Sports are for the body as music is for the mind! Don’t delay, get your children enrolled in music lessons today!

Sadi Rahman is the Executive Director of Alpharetta GA-based North Fulton School of Music

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