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Piano: The Perfect First Instrument

admin August 3, 2013 Tags: , , , , , , , ,
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Why are piano lessons recommended as a starting point for anyone who is interested in learning how to compose music? Musician or not, the piano is not only frugal but is also the easiest way to learn basic music theory. Pressing piano keys is easy at any age, unlike instruments such as guitar or violin where more technique is involved in getting the sound you want.

Each instrument has its goods and bads. With beginner students, a keyboard will suffice as a practice tool. Keyboards usually have a headphone jack which will enable the user to practice without disturbing other household residents. Parents would find this much better than a screeching violin echoing through their house. Another plus is beginner keyboards are much cheaper than their counterpart instruments, such as violins, that can go for over a thousand dollars easily.
So why piano lessons before guitar lessons? Beginner piano lessons tend to be easier because you have the same set of keys, A through G, which are repeated in octaves. Once one octave is learned in your first few piano lessons, you’ve learned them all. Learning sheet music during piano lessons is also easier than trying to learn sheet music in your guitar lesson. Pianos have keys that correspond to different bars on sheet music.
But what if you are interested in guitar lessons? How do piano lessons help students with other instruments? Once you’ve had enough piano lessons, you will be able to recognize some notes by ear. You will also be able to read basic and (depending on how long you’ve taken piano lessons and how much you’ve progressed) potentially advanced sheet music. After these piano lessons, you will also know different chords and what notes they are made of. With piano lessons, you will learn music theory, which not only is important for more practical instruments but also for singing or voice lessons. All of these skills learned in piano lessons can be transferred to other instruments, like guitar, and be used. Most of the time, the same notes and chord progressions will work on different instruments, thus learning on a more technically simple instrument like piano would be beneficial. So there you have it! If you are wondering which lesson to take first, go for piano lessons! The knowledge gained from piano lessons are transferrable to other instruments and can be used for guitar lessons or voice lessons!

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